Project Benefits

The Round Hill Solar Project will strengthen Augusta County’s economy through:

Contributing $6 Million in Taxes, Revenue Share and Siting Fees

The Project represents a capital investment of approximately $100 Million in Augusta County generating a total of more than $6 Million in revenue and tax benefits.

This includes a $1 Million siting contribution paid to Augusta County in addition to $4.1 Million in revenue share payments ($116,000 annually over 35 years). Portions of these funds can be utilized by Augusta County in support of critical capital improvement projects including broadband development. The Project would also generate an additional $1.3 Million in tax revenues ($35,000 annually over 35 years) if land used for solar is reassessed by the County.

Purchasing from Local Businesses

During construction, the Round Hill Solar Project expects to rely heavily on regional businesses including engineering, construction, consulting, landscaping and hospitality services. This is without adding additional burdens to local County services such as schools, water and sewage, and transportation networks. Overall, an estimated $30 Million will be expended during construction and an additional $700,000 will be expended annually.

Creating New Jobs

Over the course of its lifespan, the Project will provide 400 local construction jobs in addition to 8-10 permanent operations positions in Augusta County. The Project team proposes to collaborate with local schools and associations providing solar energy educational opportunities.

Strengthening the Community through Partnerships

Of special importance, the Project team intends to develop partnerships with local community colleges and job training centers launching a SHINE job-training program providing pathways for County residents to build sustainable solar energy careers.

Providing Clean, Renewable Energy

Overall, the Round Hill Solar Project will provide significant contributions to the Commonwealth’s renewable energy goals with the ability to provide clean, efficient and reliable power production for 14,000+ homes and offsetting 440 Million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.